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As I sit here and listen to Marc Anthony (who love dearly), I began to think about Eid. Alhamdulillah, I have a wonderful community to share Eid and Ramadan with back at school. I have previously mentioned that before I go on my Ramadan challenge, I needed to get a few more articles of clothing. And I really rather not be worrying about that during Ramadan (I mean there are obviously things that are a billion times more important to think about during Ramadan).  So, as I stated before, I think in the next few days my last few articles of clothing should be bought.

It started to click that I even though I thought I knew what I could wear for Eid, I really might not know. I mean different Muslim cultures have their different outfits for Eid but as a convert, I don’t really have that. And I realized that some other sisters might have the same dilemma, we don’t really have a set thing we wear for Eid. So I went on a bit of search and a found a couple blogs I really liked and they have some Eid suggestion

Hijabulous: I love her clothing choices, she does a lot of stuff from Forever 21 and H&M, which is totally up my alley! She also lists where everything came from so you know exactly what is from where. Click here, here and here for a few samples of her Eid outfits. There are plenty more!

Hijabie: Fusion of Fashion and Hijab. Love her stuff too! If you like something, click on the picture of the outfit to find out where it’s from. I searched Eid on her site and this is what I got. Love it. Check it out!

These are a couple to get ya’ll started but there are many more Muslim fashion sites out there! Go forth, search, and enjoy! 🙂

Image Courtesty of: http://www.hijabiestyle.com/


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