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Bushra’s Blog – Caffeinated Muslim: Not only am I absolutely thrilled to find some else who has my love for kahwa aka coffee but she has really great posts about being a Muslim in the U.S. in this time.


Also, on a previous blog, she shared some iced coffee sites and since iced coffee and just coffee in general are Ah-mazing, I will borrow them from Bushra put them here as well, in case anyone else is interested because iced coffee is a blessing from the Good Lord Above:



Also, read this entry by her: http://caffeinatedmuslim.com/2009/02/06/drinking-coffee-embracing-the-muslim-culture/

Egypt became so crazy about the beverage that marriage contracts included a provision that a woman could divorce her husband if (among other faults) he didn’t provide her with an adequate amount of coffee. (Al’ America: Travels Through America’s Arab and Islamic Roots  pg. 87  Jonathan Curiel as quoted by Bushra)

Loving coffee is part of Muslim history, so there people who make fun of my love of caffeine!

Photo courtesy of my lovely best friend.


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