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Today I went into Starbucks and bought one of these nifty little things. It’s basically a mix of cane sugar and coffee, all you need to add is half and half! I’ll be able to get my daily iced coffee quickly in the morning…I don’t know if I’m going to be able to fall asleep again after Fajr though…


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I recently watched No Impact Man (it’s on Neflix for those who want to take a peek). And of course, there I sat, clutching my daily caffeine fix. This day it happened to be the most common one: McDonald’s Sugar Free Vanilla Iced Coffee. My friends never fail to tell me how horrible my coffee love is but I’m here to say:  I know it’s not the greatest thing in the world but 1) there are much worse addictions and 2) I like it; so leave me alone lol

But watching the wife, Michelle, struggle with her need for coffee, especially the kind that is given to you in the nifty little paper/plastic cups, I felt like I was looking in the mirror. When I haven’t had my daily (at least!) cup, I notice myself getting very irritated and snappish with the first poor soul who happens cross my path, my head begins to throb, and I feel anxious and awkward.

I’m not sure why I get so much joy from buying coffee but I think a key to this answer lies in a conversation I recently had with some friends. Two of my friends (who happen to not be from the US) were utterly confused by the fact that I would rather sprint out of my house in the freezing cold to spend my campus currency on a large iced coffee from the campus coffee shop as opposed to just making coffee at home. My other friend who is American said, “No you guys don’t understand. It’s an American thing. We like it when it’s made for us and when we just pay someone to do it rather than do it ourselves. We just really like buying stuff in this country.”

My other friends gave us a look and I, as I laughed and nodded in agreement, sprinted out the door to catch the coffee shop before it closed. But this in a combination with the movie, really made me realize: I’m a product of American consumerism. I’m a prime example. So lately, I’ve been struggling to prevent myself from driving off to Chipotle to get a burrito when I’m hungry and looking through my fridge, and I’m proud to say I’ve been pretty successful. The coffee unfortunately is another story at the moment. I still buy my daily coffee and it’s a really hard habit to kick…InshAllah.

Moral of  my story: As Ramadan approaches, I need to think of the things I need to whittle down on. I really need to watch my caffiene intake. Today I have already had an iced coffee and Coke Zero (currently working on my second can of the day). I’m not saying give up my coffee love at all but the extra sodas and additional iced coffee I sneak in there sometimes….I can definitely do without. An upside to fasting (of course aside from all the amazing spiritual benefits AH) is that you really get to see how much you intake that is not necessary at all. Yes, I am anticipating the monsterous withdrawal heachaches from my caffeine reduction (ughhhh) but Ramadan will make me want to concentrate more on God and my faith rather than if I had my daily cup InshAllah 🙂

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Bushra’s Blog – Caffeinated Muslim: Not only am I absolutely thrilled to find some else who has my love for kahwa aka coffee but she has really great posts about being a Muslim in the U.S. in this time.


Also, on a previous blog, she shared some iced coffee sites and since iced coffee and just coffee in general are Ah-mazing, I will borrow them from Bushra put them here as well, in case anyone else is interested because iced coffee is a blessing from the Good Lord Above:



Also, read this entry by her: http://caffeinatedmuslim.com/2009/02/06/drinking-coffee-embracing-the-muslim-culture/

Egypt became so crazy about the beverage that marriage contracts included a provision that a woman could divorce her husband if (among other faults) he didn’t provide her with an adequate amount of coffee. (Al’ America: Travels Through America’s Arab and Islamic Roots  pg. 87  Jonathan Curiel as quoted by Bushra)

Loving coffee is part of Muslim history, so there people who make fun of my love of caffeine!

Photo courtesy of my lovely best friend.

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