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Another one of Jewelize444’s videos: I love this girl. The whole time I was watching this video I was like, “Diles Mama!” (Tell’em girl! in Spanish).She is taking big strides for us Latin@ Muslims everywhere. May Allah bless her for education others about being Latin@ and Muslim. Ameen!

Here’s her blog, it’s awesome check her out! Us hermanas (sisters) need to support one another 🙂


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Found this as I was getting ready to go to my last day of work before I go back to school (what the what?!?!). She has other stuff on her channel too. Check her stuff out. JAK to the sister for making a video about being Latina and Muslim!

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This is one of the best lectures I have ever heard. Period. My friends absolutely adore Nouman Ali Khan and this is one of the first Muslim lectures I ever heard. I know this is a great reminder to us all and when I watch it, I sit there like, “Dang, I need to check myself more.” It’s so relate-able and helpful and iA some of you might be able to benefit in this month of Ramadan 🙂 Enjoy!

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Convert Scarves

Sometimes I sit and I have a “woe is me” moment. One of the most common tends to be the “Woe is me, I’m not part of a Muslim culture” moment. I’m not saying I want to change my background, or culture, or ethnicity or anything, I absolutely don’t. I love and appreciate where I come from and I would never change it for anything. Allah made me this way, so why would I want to change? However, it’s hard sometimes when you can’t completely fit your culture all the way in the fold of Islam and you have to give up certain foods, practices, etc. And sometimes I get jealous that others don’t have to go through this struggle.

However, these thoughts often prevent me from remembering how beautiful it is to be a convert. Recently I was looking at a pile of scarves I have in my room, many of these scarves were gifts. As I looked at them I saw not only how pretty each one was, but also the fact that they came from different Muslim cultures: Pakistan, Palestine, Egypt, Indonesia, etc.. In that moment, when I looked at these scarves I also looked at some of the other Islamic things I owned. My prayer mat is Turkish and my Tasbeeh beads are from the sands of Karbala, Iraq. As I looked at the mishmash of things I owned I felt so surrounded by the love and support from the people who gave me many of these things. And I also see the beauty of Islam and it’s cosmopolitanism, knowing that all of these things came from such different places but they truly represent Islam to me.

The beauty of being a convert is that we can be a mishmash. I can freely borrow and learn from  all these different cultures ways of practicing Islam and I can appreciate different ways of expressing faith. And at the end of the day, I  wear my Pakistani hijab, use my Iraqi Tasbeeh beads, sit on my Turkish rug and pray with my Latina Muslim heart 🙂

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Ramadan Mubarak!

Suhor, Convert style!

Have a blessed month! Happy fasting!

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